We are Building the Future

Futurbnk is a fungible and non-fungible token (NFT) minter tool with added features to easily manage your minted assets.

Futurbnk provides only basic features like the creation of custom assets (fungible tokens and NFTs), burn existing or remint additional supply, and other features like metadata updater and token registry submission. Although we provide a Cardano wallet address for your minted assets, note that it is not a custodial wallet to send and receive other assets. However, you will be provided a mnemonic for your wallet address so that you can restore it in a completely functional wallet app such as Daedalus or Lace. We only use Cardano CLI to generate your payment address and recovery phrase, then what you may do (although not recommended) is use the recovery phrase to restore in another, more secured, custodial wallet, but only if you want to better manage all the assets in your address.

Futurbnk is the developer of a Forex Expert Advisor called MANNA EA with our own custom strategies.

We are in continuous development and enhancement of our proprietary expert advisor software, MANNA EA, for MetaTrader trading platform. Our AI-powered expert advisor robot was built from the ground up using our very own strategies formulated with years of trading experience. We utilize a variety of trading techniques taking advantage of the most useful indicators in order to maximize profitability and minimize losses especially for the novice and less experienced traders. MANNA EA is available on a subscription basis using FUTUR token as the only mode of payment. Take advantage now of our ongoing ICO where you can get our token with as much as 50% discount. FUTUR will be listed on one of the major exchanges shortly after the token sale.

Earn rewards from our Affiliate Program when you refer others to join our exciting business opportunity.

Invite your friends to sign up and join as an Affiliate to take advantage of our lucrative compensation plans. Our program was designed with the most novice affiliate and traders in mind. You don't need to have extensive experience in both forex trading and affiliate marketing in order to maximize your earnings because our platform was designed to generate income for you even while you sleep. Find out more about our affiliate program at futurbnk.com

Make sure you inform your invites to enter your Member ID in the Inviter field when they register. Better yet, give them your Referral Link found on your Affiliate dashboard. That's the only way you will be able to track your personal invites.

The future for Futurbnk is bright and exciting. This project is a work in progress (and will always be progressing).

Our roadmap includes the development of mobile applications and token minting REST API. We are also planning to develop Futurpay, a pluggable payment library for third-party web or mobile e-commerce applications. We also want to bring Cardano network to the masses. Our Futurnet API will allow anyone to access the Cardano blockchain, such as querying the network, accessing details of a transaction, and others, without the need to run your own Cardano node. Futur Stake Pool is also in the pipeline which will reward our delegators with a lot more.

We also are in the planning and design stage of our next couple of major projects including Avaland Blockbeat and idenft.com

Business Proposal

Futurbnk is a self-funded project but we are open to investors and venture capitalists to help us build the future of Futurbnk. Your funding could help us expedite our projects if we can devote more time and resources into them. Contact us at connect@futurbnk.io if you are interested to join the ride.

We are also accepting any amount of donation in ADA for our charity projects handled by Futurbnk Foundation. If you want to help us in our advocacy, you may send your donation to this address: