Feature Spotlight

Futurbnk web site was launched to coincide with the Cardano Vasil Hard Fork last 09.22.2022

The following are available at the Wallet, Token Central and NFTrazer sections.

Latest Updates

Request for Token Registration at Cardano Token Registry
NFTrazer: NFT Creators API Beta Version and Documentation

Previous Updates

NFTrazer: NFT Metadata Updater
NFTrazer: NFT Burner
NFTrazer: NFT Minter with Custom Metadata
NFTrazer: NFT Collection Management Tools
Import an existing Policy from other provider
NFT Minter with editable Metadata
Basic NFT Minter and Burner
Purchase Minting Credits with ADA
Minting Credits Transaction History
Fungible Token Minter and Burner
Policy Maker for minting tokens and NFT
Update Profile, Login E-mail and Password
Incoming and Outgoing Transaction Reports
Withdraw Reward Balance to Available Balance
View Assets and Balances
Send and Receive ADA and Native Assets
Wallet Management: Rename and Change Password
Create Wallet with option to backup Recovery Phrase

We have so much in the pipeline, both ongoing and being planned out.

Ongoing Development

Futurbnk Mobile Application for Android
ADA Delegation to Stake Pool
NFTrazer: NFT Template Maker

On The Drawing Board

(Future Plan) Futurnet Cardano Network API
(Future Plan) Futurbnk Wallet API
(Future Plan) Futurpay Payment Tools