Security Primer

Futurbnk is not a custodial wallet, though we offer a simple wallet creation tool but use it only to store your minted assets, but not your most valuable assets.

Your Keys, Your Wallet. We want to live with that motto, but we also want to ensure your wallet is recoverable.

Know that your Recovery Phrase is the most important aspect of your wallet. It is the only way for you to recover your funds and restore your wallet with any other wallet provider. As the saying goes, your keys, your wallet. So without your keys, you basically don't own your wallet. As in the case of crypto exchanges where they can block your account and not provide your Recovery Phrase, you will no longer be able to restore your wallet and recover your funds outside the exchange platform.

However, keeping your Recovery Phrase on a semi-decentralized platform, such as ours of course, poses some risks, such as when the platform is targeted by malicious parties. Therefore, and as much as possible, we want to get rid of the responsibility to store a backup of your Recovery Phrase when you create your wallet. We just don't want to be held responsible if you store it in an unsecured manner and you accidentally expose it to someone else.

But bad things always happen especially to newbies. A lot of people lose their Recovery Phrase, therefore lose their funds with it. So in order to balance security and peace of mind, when you create a wallet with us, we give you an option whether to allow us to backup your Recovery Phrase or not. So if you allow us to back it up, you can always recover it in case you lose it. Otherwise, you are assured no one else know your Recovery Phrase, even us. But it's your sole responsibility to store it in a safe place.

We use double encryption to back up your Recovery Phrase and Passwords for added security. First we generate a unique cypher key exclusively for your account, then we use that cypher key to encrypt your mnemonic and passwords. Then we again encrypt the cypher key using a different algorithm. So in order to decrypt your password with one algorithm, the cypher key must be decrypted first using another algorithm.

Protect yourself from Phishing technique, that's how most hacking happens and seldom on the server side.

Any malicious party can duplicate a web site and spoof users in thinking they are logging in on a genuine web site. So in order to protect you from this technique, first you always need to make sure you are accessing our web sites only at, and Second, know that we will never send you an e-mail asking you to verify your account or log in on a different web site than mentioned above. That is how phishers lure unsuspecting users into opening a web site directly from a link sent through random e-mails. If you received an e-mail asking you to verify your Futurbnk account, do not click any link from that e-mail correspondence. Always open our web site by typing our URL directly on your browser's address bar.

Your wallet, yours forever. That is our own motto. When you create a wallet with us, that is yours for eternity. Whatever you do with it, we will never block your account. It is your responsibility to store your important information related to your wallet, such as Passwords and Recovery Phrase. If you forget your password, you can always recover your funds in another wallet provider using your Recovery Phrase. If you lose your Recovery Phrase but still know your passwords, simply create a new wallet and send all your assets into that new wallet.

Lastly, please avoid keeping a large amount of ADA in your wallet with us. Our wallet is not intended for storing all your ADA. We still recommend to use wallets like Daedalus to keep large amount of assets. Keep only some ADA in your wallet with us just enough to pay for transaction fees and to pay for minting credits if you plan to mint your custom tokens or NFTs on our platform.